My name is Unicoranium and I have a passion in Computer Programming, Artificial Intellegence, Data Analysis and of course Pokémon Go.
The point of this site was to do something with all of these as well as learn how to market a program I made.
This also gets me the experience of building a full website rather just a piece of one.

For making this site I used many different resources and this list will expand along with the site as a whole.

Chart.js - Used for drawing the graphs

Hugo - Used for generating the site
Landing Page Theme for Hugo - Template for Hugo

Amazon Web Services - Used for most of the calculations and storage
AWS Lambda - Used for calculating the simulations
Amazon S3 - Used for the storage of the website and some resources like images
Amazon DynamoDB - Used for the storage of battle results and general data from the game like stats Amazon Cognito - Used for a login capability

/r/TheSilphRoad - Learned a lot about how the battles work

The Artificial - All the Pokémon icons are theirs

Amazon Cognito

Amazon’s Cognito is a login service. Using Cognito the user can create a login for the website. Cognito also stores user specific information such as which Pokémon a user has entered.

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon’s DynamoDB is a database service.
I use it to store all the game base values such as a moves stats.
Using Dynamo enables me to store all relevant data and grab exactly what I need when I need it.
It means I have no data embedded in the webpage. As the page loads it grabs the necessary data and loads it into the page.

AWS Lambda

Lambda is the service used to perform the calculations.
Lambda can do the calculations while your page loads the graph. This enables me to later have the page queue several battles and graph them side by side as the results are calculated.

Amazon S3

This site uses Amazon S3 for serverless website hosting.
This means there is no server waiting for users to connect to the website.
Once someone goes to this domain, Amazon sends the files necessary and the browser loads it.
This also means the site is cheaper to run.
A server has a straight cost to have the server on.
Being serverless means if no one is on the site, there is nothing running and I am not paying for the site.