How To Use

Select Pokémon

Mon, Jul 3, 2017

At the top of the card is the icon of the Pokémon on that card.
To change it just click on it.
The pop up can be searched with the bar on top.
This bar will become more advanced to be able to search by types and moves later on but for now it is only by name.

Select Stats

Mon, Jul 3, 2017

Every stat that can be changed (all of them) is represented with a dropdown.
In places you may not know what a value is, there is a question mark that on hover will describe the value next to it.

Add Pokémon

Mon, Jul 3, 2017

On the team info card there is a button that says ‘Add Pokémon’.
This will add a Pokémon to the team up to the max of 6 if a normal team or 1 if a raid boss.
Once the team is full it is grayed out.


Mon, Jul 3, 2017

The simulator allows for up to 20 attacker teams.
At the top of the configure section you can add an attacker team.
This button will be grayed out if there are already 20 teams.
Each team also has a ‘team info’ card.
This card includes the team number and a few buttons.
For attacking teams there are four buttons 1. Add Pokémon - Adds a Pokémon to the end of the team (if it’s not full) 2. Delete Team - Deletes the team (if there is more than one) 3. Duplicate Team - Duplicates the team as it is with all the Pokémon (if there aren’t 20 teams) 4. Reset Team - Resets the team to have the default Pokémon Defenders have only the ‘Add Pokémon’ button and the ‘Reset Team’ button.
They also have a text box for you to input the raid boss level.
If this is set to 0 it will be normal Pokémon.
Anything else will make it a raid boss of that level.

Select Dodge Mode

Mon, Jul 3, 2017

Dodge mode is the most complex attribute to select.
It starts as a contracted or simplified sentence.
By clicking the chevvron above it you can expand it into multiple drop down menus to edit it.
There are four parts of it to select:

  1. The chance of dodging successfully:
    • Perfect will dodge every move it tries to dodge.
    • Chance##% will average the damage by this formula:
    • damageIfDodged * dodgeChance + damageNormal * (1 - dodgeChance)
    • if a move were to do 8 damage normally (2 damage when dodged) and the Pokémon were to have Chance75% dodging it would deal damage as follows: 2 * .75 + 8 * (1 - .75) = 3.5 damage
    • None will disable dodging entirely
  2. What moves to dodge:
    • Charge will dodge all charge moves as specified by the rest of the values
    • Fast will dodge all fast moves as specified by the rest of the values
    • All will dodge all moves as specified by the rest of the values
  3. What moves to ignore when using charge move
    • Charge will not dodge charge moves if it can use its charge move
    • Fast will not dodge fast moves if it can use its charge move
    • All will not dodge any moves if it can use its charge move
  4. How intelligently it should dodge.
    • Average will dodge all moves that are in progress that would hit it
    • Smart will use as many attacks as it can before dodging an in progress moves
    • Intelligent will do the same as smart but will predict potential future moves as well


Mon, Jul 3, 2017

Once you click ‘Battle!’ the information begins processing.
Once the battle has been simulated it will begin to draw information in the results section.
The graph has more than just looking.
You can click on the legend to toggle certain Pokémon.
You can also hover over a point on the graph to see more information about that point.