Q. What can I do with the graphs?

Sat, Jul 8, 2017

The graphs are actually more than the look.
After all you can do more than look.
By clicking on any of the names in the legend you can ‘disable’ them on the graph and it will automagically rescale to show the rest of the data clearer.
For example, if you put several teams agains a level four boss that boss is going to stretch the graph vertically.
You click on the bosses name and boom it’s now rescaled vertically so all your other Pokémon are easier to read.
Still not easy enough to see the information?
Mouse over any point on the graph and it will give you a small summary of what happened at that point.

Q. How does the simulator do Raid Bosses?

Sat, Jul 8, 2017

No Longer Accurate

Raid bosses, for now, have 4 possible levels, 1-4.
From reading the responses from the server the community has learned that all level one have 600 HP, level two have 1800, level three have 3000, and level four have 7500.

By setting the defender team to a raid boss of level 1+ will enable it to use the levels respective HP.
From there you can select all other attributes as normal, although I recommend to have level 40 for the defender.

The simulator actually doesn’t limit you to level four raids because I believe I know the HP of all raid boss levels.

The HP of the four levels available now actually follow the cubic curve f(x) = 550 x3- 3300 x2+ 7250 x - 3900 where f(x) is the HP for a level x boss.